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A long story ties Pascale Bastianelli to Russia! For over 40 years, she has nurtured a very special relationship with this country that has become her second adopted homeland.

She has embarked on more than 200 voyages since 1971, the year that she first fell in love with the country during a linguistic visit. Let us not forget to add along the way that she started learning Russian in college in 1968. From 1980 to 1983, Pascale spent 3 years in Moscow working for a French bank.

During the course of her life, everything has always found a way of bringing her back to the country of the vast steppes; her love for Russian art, her fascination with Russian traditions, her encounters with artists and her longing to channel all her energy into something new and different.

And so, it is starting from 1998 that she first took action by setting herself the goal of making Russian artists known in the wider world. The blossoming of Russia was working in her favour, it was now or never!

She was free to meet artists, and now the artists were free to create…

Deeply touched by this people, its sensitivity and greatness of spirit, she became an ardent ambassador for this society in France.

She organised several exhibitions on the Russian traditions of Christmas, Easter, on Volga and its inhabitants, she participated in the realization of exhibitions in Alsace, Paris, Germany, Switzerland, and actuated conferences on Russia

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My Russia, by Pascale Bastianelli

Price – Preis : 22 €

It is my pleasure to introduce you to “My Russia”, an eternal diary that I have composed from the heart in order to tell you my story of Russia, and take you on a year-long journey to this country which has been a part of my life for more than 40 years.

A whole year to discover my story with Russia, share my memories, my encounters, my loves (my passion), my emotions.
I have put a lot of myself into this project… it was a way of prolonging through narratives and images the talks we began together in my gallery or at my exhibitions.

I hope that you take as much enjoyment in reading it through as I took in plunging into my memory to write it! If you wish to discover a preview you can download a few pages!

I thank you for your loyalty; I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you again very soon!

– – –

Ich freue mich, Ihnen „Ma Russie“ vorstellen zu dürfen, einen immer währenden Kalender, der mir sehr am Herzen liegt. Ich möchte Ihnen im Verlauf eines Jahres mein Russland zeigen, ein Land, das seit 40 Jahren Teil meines Lebens ist.

Ein Jahr um meine russische Geschichte kennenzulernen, meine Erinnerungen, meine Begegnungen, meine Vorlieben, meine Lieblingsorte und -geschichten, meine Emotionen! Ich habe viel Herzblut investiert ….

es ist eine ganz besondere Art, unsere Gespräche, die wir in meiner Galerie oder bei meinen Ausstellungen geführt haben, in diesen Geschichten und Bildern fortzuführen.

Ich hoffe, Sie haben genau so viel Gefallen daran, ihn zu lesen, wie ich, in meine Erinnerungen abzutauchen und ihn zu schreiben. Wenn Sie möchten, finden Sie hier vorab für einen ersten Eindruck einige Seiten zum Herunterladen.

Ich möchte mich für Ihre Treue bedanken und hoffe, Sie bald einmal wiederzusehen.