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A la découverte des talents de Russie


My Russia


A real wish to make you discover the other Russia,
the one about which we speak little, my Russia,
the one that gave me so much, taught me so much.
Having dreamed about it for a long time… I made it…

On October 12th, 2001, I opened my gallery, « Rue Pouchkine »
to make the Arts and Crafts of Russia known and to promote them…
As crossroads for our two cultures…
Come and share with me my affection for Russia…

Pascale Bastianelli

Current events : Christmas – Winter 2016 2017


From 25 november 2014 to 08 January 2017

« Christmas in the country of the little girl of snow »

Kaysersberg – Salle de l’Arsenal – + d’infos

Come to Kaysersberg to discover the exhibition « Christmas in the land of the little snow girl » …
from November 25, 2016 to January 8, 2017

You will be carried away in the traditions of Russia, discover many charming characters and live with them a magic moment!

And come to meet me at the Christmas Market in Strasbourg, place de la Cathédrale.
I look forward to hearing from you and will be delighted to introduce you to many new products coming straight from Russia to make you dream …

See you !

Pascale Bastianelli


The eternal diary of Pascale

My Russia, by Pascale Bastianelli

Price – Preis : 22 €
To order :

It is my pleasure to introduce you to “My Russia”, an eternal diary that I have composed from the heart in order to tell you my story of Russia, and take you on a year-long journey to this country which has been a part of my life for more than 40 years.

A whole year to discover my story with Russia, share my memories, my encounters, my loves (my passion), my emotions.
I have put a lot of myself into this project… it was a way of prolonging through narratives and images the talks we began together in my gallery or at my exhibitions.

I hope that you take as much enjoyment in reading it through as I took in plunging into my memory to write it! If you wish to discover a preview you can download a few pages!

I thank you for your loyalty; I look forward to the pleasure of meeting you again very soon!

– – –

Ich freue mich, Ihnen „Ma Russie“ vorstellen zu dürfen, einen immer währenden Kalender, der mir sehr am Herzen liegt. Ich möchte Ihnen im Verlauf eines Jahres mein Russland zeigen, ein Land, das seit 40 Jahren Teil meines Lebens ist.

Ein Jahr um meine russische Geschichte kennenzulernen, meine Erinnerungen, meine Begegnungen, meine Vorlieben, meine Lieblingsorte und -geschichten, meine Emotionen! Ich habe viel Herzblut investiert ….

es ist eine ganz besondere Art, unsere Gespräche, die wir in meiner Galerie oder bei meinen Ausstellungen geführt haben, in diesen Geschichten und Bildern fortzuführen.

Ich hoffe, Sie haben genau so viel Gefallen daran, ihn zu lesen, wie ich, in meine Erinnerungen abzutauchen und ihn zu schreiben. Wenn Sie möchten, finden Sie hier vorab für einen ersten Eindruck einige Seiten zum Herunterladen.

Ich möchte mich für Ihre Treue bedanken und hoffe, Sie bald einmal wiederzusehen.


Biography movie: the origin of the Gallery

Wonderful Christmas Time

« It is the poetic message of
The Russian Steppes, of their night
That quivers with savage accents,
And the dream of which seduces us »
Petr Vyazemsky



I wish for every artist to be fairly paid, so that their talent enables them to continue to create in comfort, so that their work assures their future and the future of their families…

I wish that their children are proud of the talents of their parents, so that these children can in turn pursue their own chosen profession…

And I wish that we, who are living here, would secure the longevity of their talents!
It is our differences that make up our wealth…

‘Beauty will save the world’. Fedor Dostoevsky

An ancient history


The decisive meeting between France and Russia occurs in the two decades that precede the French Revolution.
Our philosophers (Voltaire, Diderot) saw in Catherine II the enlightened despot to which they appealed of their wishes.
When the people of Paris took the Bastille, moods and ideas coming from France began to spread widely in the circles of Russian aristocracy…
With the exception of Pushkin and of Lermontov (which were both killed in a duel at a very young age), all the great Russian writers went to France.

Countess de Segur, « the Russian writers are the most read in France ».
Jules Verne, « the French writers are the most read in Russia ».

« Russia is understood not by the mind,
Nor by a common rule.
She has a special stature of her own:
In Russia one can only believe »
Tyutchev, 1866